Introduction to Memoirs of the Trees, a new blog series

I grew up in New England, surrounded by forests. Trees dwelt in my yard, encompassed our vehicle as we drove around town, sat watch at Sleeping Giant where we hiked regularly, and huddled in New York’s Adirondack Mountains where we traveled some summers.

Apple trees lay below us on Blue Hills Road on the way from Cheshire to North Haven. Above me, below me, and around me in Connecticut were oaks, beeches, maples, and pines of earth brown, spotted yellow, vibrant maroon, and green of all shades. No other region of the U.S. can compare to the diversity of foliage in New England.

Perhaps you have heard of Ents. If you’ve read Lord of the Rings, you know of their wisdom and the histories that lie deep within their hearts in the Fangorn Forest.

In this blog series, Memoirs of the Trees, I would like to share the histories of specific trees whose lives have crossed mine. In this way, I will honor the trees that have impacted my life.

Perhaps the tree will share a particular moment in its life, or perhaps it will describe a stretch of years. Spun from my reality, these stories will include creative elements stretching back into history, imagined occurrences as well as actual connections had with humans.

Enjoy this blog series and take some time to honor the land that has shaped you. Next week will begin the first of many stories regarding trees that I hold dear. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Introduction to Memoirs of the Trees, a new blog series

  1. Looking forward to this series… you have intrigued me.I am pretty sure blue hills rd was either north haven or Wallingford, just on our route to and from Cheshire😉. One of Dad’s favorite spots.

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  2. Hi Katelyn! This series of stories sounds fantastic and I’m really looking forward to them. Both Grandma and I also love the trees of New England and their beauty and seeming permanence. There is a children’s book called “Tree in the trail” by Holling C Holling, which teaches about the people walking the Oregon trail from the vantage point of a certain tree, and all the tree has seen over the years. And our family used to imagine what stories our kitchen table would tell if it could talk. It seems like a creative way to reflect about oneself. May the Holy Spirit inspire your efforts!

    Love you, Aunt Carol

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