She’s Published!

Congratulations to my blogger friend @Sunflower Sojourn (Lianna) on publishing her first book! She is an amazing woman of faith, and I’m glad her words are available to encourage other believers.

Sunflower Sojourn

Dear readers, this announcement has been a long time coming! Around 3 years ago, I began to write a book. At the time, it was just thoughts that I began to write down and kept adding to. I’m excited to announce that,3 years later, there’s a book!

A different story1 CS Updated 3DDThis book was birthed from my unexpected journey of being single for a longer period than expected. I write about the lessons I’ve learned, and how I came to a place of peace. The book is aimed at Christian singles, especially those whom have been unmarried for longer than expected. I hope that all who read know that they are not alone in their journey!

The book can be purchased here.Writing the book helped me to realize that I desire for writing to be a part of my life forever! More books will be coming. Be assured that I’ll still be…

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