November 8: My Friend J

Habits take a minute to create, and I’m still in the process of remembering to blog daily for this gratitude practice!

Today I’m grateful for my friend J, a fellow musician and brother in Christ.

He works with a particularly vulnerable category of forced migrants and is not only amazing at the details of his job but also incredibly caring and devoted to his clients.

He’s trustworthy.

Sometimes he and I lead worship together for the optional morning prayer our organization offers via Zoom. Today was one such day!

Before most people were in go mode at their desks, his fingers were gliding over the weighted keyboard, Spanish prayers rolling from his lips to the heavens, and we worshipped together to ring in the work week.

Besides being an admirable case worker and lovely musician, J is hospitable, funny, and a good friend. He’s humble and thoughtful and supportive and kind, both in word and deed.

It’s a privilege to know him, as he is a gift.

Happy Monday (night), and may your work week be filled with good friends and prayer and music and joy as well!