November 24: Connecticut Pizza

I’m might kick myself later, but I’m eating pizza tonight. The good stuff, from Connecticut. With onions and olives and green bell peppers, because those are my favorite toppings. With the thin, doughy crust underneath, a layer of evenly distributed sauce in the middle, and the cheese that’s going to hurt me on top.

My Chicago office just won a pizza party from our home office in DC, and the speakers announcing the prize were chatting about how they love deep dish. But I sat quietly on Teams thinking that it cannot compare to Connecticut pizza, which is more like New York style.

Snapchat of a Zoom chat. The Zoom has two people conversing about how they love deep dish pizza from Chicago. The snapchat caption reads, "Unpopular opinion: I prefer CT pizza (closer to NY) to deep dish. I just don't understand the hype *shrug emoji*"

I shared this unpopular opinion on my socials, and a friend from my teenager years agreed.

Deep dish is excessively saucy, and for those of us who want the pizza dough but need to remove the cheese due to lactose intolerance, it’s an absolute mess.

I’m back in my home state for the holidays, however, and craving some of the Italian goodness, so what I am thankful for (in advance) is Grand Apizza North.