Gender 101 – Using pronouns in the workplace

Hi, my name is Skye, and I use she/her pronouns.

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Inspiring youth, Independence Day, and the DRC

Fifty-seven years ago on June 30, the Democratic Republic of Congo won its independence. While I won’t go into a political history right now, I will celebrate Independence Day by telling you about my generation and how amazing they are. Congolese youth are artists, talented photographers and musicians. They are teachers of elementary students and ESL…

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How to be a peacemaker in a war-torn world, Part 1

To be a peacemaker is to fight. When multiple races, tribes or countries have conflict or war with each other, peace may seem unattainable. (Re)conciliation requires faithful, patient effort and continual hope. After all, people and groups disagree with each other and are often engrained in their opinions. One side has hurt the other in…

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