If I were a mythical creature…

At my office’s Christmas party this drizzly December, I wore a deep green t-shirt and placed a fake red rose behind my ear, as that was the most festive attire in my wardrobe. When asking if I looked festive enough, someone replied that I looked like a woodland nymph.

How delightfully accurate!

As a mythical creature, I am a woodland nymph, a dryad, born of Connecticut oak trees.

I am at home in the forest, living by a meadow close to a river where my naiad friends live. I live on a mountain by the creek.

I am a hamadryad, unique from typical hamadryads in that my life is not be connected to a particular tree, since I have a need to adventure and travel.

Connecticut’s own, the trees are in my bones.

If you resonate with the ethereal yet grounded beauty of forests and nature, see also: Memoirs of the Trees.