If I were a mythical creature…

At my office’s Christmas party this drizzly December, I wore a deep green t-shirt and placed a fake red rose behind my ear, as that was the most festive attire in my wardrobe. When asking if I looked festive enough, someone replied that I looked like a woodland nymph. How delightfully accurate! As a mythical…

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The Cherry Blossom

The cherry blossom tree sat behind my K-12 school. For two weeks in May, she would bloom light pink and then shed her pretty petals on the sidewalk by the back door. As a girl, I thought I wanted to get married under rows of cherry blossoms. I then realized that their blooming time is…

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The White Oak

First, thanks for caring about the environment and history enough to read this story. Secondly, I hope you love this “stubborn” old fellow! He’s grand, really quite regal and friendly, with a lot to teach us.

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