I’m not okay

Hello from your friendly office cockroach exterminator. Well, from the friendly office staff person who doesn’t mind throwing the sticky traps with dead roaches away for everyone.

While I’m glad not to have lived with any of the critters for about four years now — praise God — a part of me is desensitized to the insects.

I’m probably the only one who finds humor in this, but when life is nasty or uncomfortable or heavy, one of the ways I’ve pressed through is by matching ridiculous humor to the absurd situation. You can either laugh or cry, right?

And I do cry quite a bit. It’s good stuff, highly recommended. Therapy is excellent, too.

That being said, please enjoy my droll letter to cockroaches and this humorous poem about the hairy little creatures, back from one of my crappy housing situations post-college. These pieces are genuinely some of my favorites.

Happy Friday, friends. May your weekend be blessed and insect-free.

“I’m Not Okay” by MCR. It resonates a little.