November 1: My Cat

Five years ago, I did a #monthofrejoicing on Facebook, posting one thing I was thankful for each day. On November 1, 2016, I shared that I was grateful to God for potatoes, and honestly, what could be more true? This November, I aim to participate in that exercise again but on this platform.

As a simple journaling exercise, the posts may be brief and less edited, but feel free to join along with the exercise either independently or in the comments!

So, here we are at the end of the first day of the eleventh month in the year of our Lord 2021. I’ve had a lot of positives in my life these past couple weeks, but since it’s getting late, I’ll just share the most immediate one tonight: my cat, who I’m fostering-to-adopt.

Here she is!! PC: KSB

I won’t name her here since she’s not adopted yet — we are waiting on a surgery — and I am not sure if the same privacy rules apply with cats as with humans. This blog post would be pretty unethical for numerous reasons if it was about a child in foster care, so I believe there are differences in policies, but I will leave her nameless nonetheless.

Back to that for which I am grateful today: mon chaton. My cat is an old lady cat, noticeable even in her meow. She is cuddly and sweet, boosting my oxytocin, and very funny. She adores food, just like my grandma loved McDonalds.

Moreover, she is adventurous and friendly, adaptable and trusting, observant and persistent. It’s heartening to witness, except when it’s the early morning.

Yes, I feel you poking my face. I’ll feed you in 10 minutes. Please let me sleep till my alarm. Thank you, dear. Love you!

My friend helped me set up a five foot cat tree on Friday so she could have something more to climb on, and she hasn’t yet touched it once, after all our hard work and building it backwards and having to redo certain parts. It was a blast, though. I hope she’ll use it soon!

Happy November. Thanks for joining me in today’s gratitude exercise. I’m glad I had the space today to be reflective and more mindful and hope you have the same! Philippians 4:4.