November 13: Bodies

I am thankful for the loving arms that embrace me when I am downtrodden, confused, and fatigued. They gently hug me hello and squeeze me in delight as well.

I am thankful for the gentle hands that bought my new favorite sparkling beverage and placed the blackberry drink in the fridge to cool, the battle-scarred hands that prepared hot spaghetti, wiped excess dried herbs off the otherwise impeccable countertop, and then ruffed up their dog’s black and white coat with the utmost love.

I am thankful for the sweet mouth that speaks words of encouragement to me, the tongue that says I am beautiful and worth spending time on, the straight teeth that sparkle as they smile.

Stock photo.

I am thankful for the chestnut brown eyes that crinkle when content. They are framed with understated soft lashes and can go nearly cross-eyed in certain moments, appearing both enchanting and effectively goofy. These eyes take in the world, considering how to make it more beautiful.

I am thankful for the brow that becomes angry when it hears the ways I’ve been hurt and relaxes into a smooth surface when not stressed. It allows them to emote.

I am thankful for the thoughtful heart inside this body as well, the heart that, in addition to pumping life throughout its body, takes the time to tell me as a guest to be myself and to accept acts of kindness and not to change how I look for anyone.

Stock photo.

I am also thankful for the voice that sings along to country music with me and makes duck noises and asks questions and shares honestly. It is a strong voice, capable of being both concerned and assertive.

I am thankful for the shaggy hair that brings them joy, the feet that enable them to work all day long and walk their dog, the legs that spur them forward, and the brain that tells them when to rest.

These all enable the body to grow and be healthy, which is beautiful to witness, and for that I am also thankful.