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Computer access, Global Ubuntu, and future topics

Dear friends,

I’ve missed writing for you, and I apologize for my inconsistency in posting. I haven’t had a working computer in about a year and do not have WiFi at home, so I’ve been using library computers. What a blessing public resources are! However, now that I am working full time (praise God! See cover photo for view from my workplace), I have not had the luxury of computer access but once this past month.

Thankfully, I did have the privilege of writing for Global Ubuntu, an up and coming nonprofit that focuses on cultural exchange through a variety of programs. They’re starting off their vision with a blog. I wrote about an intelligent, compassionate, resilient man named Dieum, from the beautiful city of Goma, DRC, in the post “How the piano man became my best friend.” I should be hanging out over there a bit more in the future as well. Head over there to check it out and see what else my friends at Global Ubuntu are doing!

If you have any topics you’d like me to write about here, feel free to leave me a comment. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you folks soon!


Katelyn Skye Bennett

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God is faithful: a year-end reminder

Every day is an opportunity to thank the Lord. For his faithfulness to stay with us and to keep his promises and guide us in our call; for his goodness to want our best and warn us of harm, to provide for us, and to bless us with sweet gifts; for family and a hospitable American and Congolese community of faith; and for his love that never leaves even when we stray, we bless the Lord.

2017 was yet another crazy year. I moved multiple times and had the opportunity to travel in and outside of the United States while undergoing significant transitions in life. One of these transitions was graduating college, a huge testament to God’s faithfulness. God saw me through all this and provided incredible old friends to stick with me from college through the distance as well as new ones to love me in my Denver home.

It was also a year of creation, as I began writing for the Denver VOICE in June and released several song collaborations, which you can listen to here:

My favorite blog posts of the year from this site fell in September.

The call God has given me to live in Congo (three years ago as of this coming MLK Day weekend!) and my deep desire to work with refugees remain the same. My goals in this direction do as well, and I hope to make significant progress in 2018. Despite discouraging, disorienting, and downright dreadful circumstances in the second half of this year, I can see God’s goodness. I remember his promises to me.

As the hymn below declares, I know God’s hand will bring me home, even to Congo, by his good grace. He has brought me to where I am now, and he will remain faithful.


*Updated on Jan. 02, 2018, to include “Gatherer,” which was released just before the new year.

Back to blogging!

Hey friends,

In case you missed reading posts about the Church, God’s work in my life, racial issues and so on, I’m baaaack! I’m writing this informal post to let you know why I haven’t  written in several months:  I haven’t had a laptop of my own for the past two months, but praise God! He blessed me with generous friends and sufficient resources during the first half of the semester, and as the second half begins, I have a PC of my own. I bought a refurbished Barbie pink laptop, which, after being sent to the wrong post office and lost for a week, arrived at my door on Thursday.

Now I can blog more easily again! My insides have been shriveling without this writing outlet, this place to create and be productive; to process life and to share the news of God’s goodness, hope and coming glory; to talk about the Church and why and how we should act and love people well. I thrive through writing. It rejuvenates me, and I hope this blog can encourage you. I thank God for the written word, for the internet, for my laptop and for this blog.

I have a list of topics about which to write, but comment below or send me an email if you want me to address something specific or elaborate on a previous blog or conversation. For example, I hope to keep writing about race and ethnic issues for the sake of the Church. God has blessed me with the opportunity to take a class on race and ethnic relations this semester, and if you’re friends with me on social media, you may know I post about racial issues fairly often. I’ve been able to see God work in people’s hearts over time and have been blessed to participate in some of those growing conversations recently. I’d love to keep talking with you about these and other things. I plan on updating you, dear readers, on my pre-missionary journey as well. Get excited for that!!

I can’t wait to begin blogging again! God bless!


Katelyn Skye Bennett (Skye)