November 14: Lake Michigan

Today I called my childhood best friend, per weekend tradition, and took a drive. The lake is accessible from where I live, and no matter the time of year, it’s breathtaking. Photos never quite capture it.

Lake Michigan was seafoam green. The strip of cornflower blue sky visible on the horizon, beneath the low hanging clouds, contrasted oddly. I wouldn’t have thought to pair those two shades of blue-green, but God likes to mix up the colors at the lake.

It’s grounding to sit by the water’s edge and listen to the waves, to dig my toes into the cold sand and (very briefly) feel the icy water against my skin. The wind blowing my curls out of place and making me squint as I finger a pebble, it is a reminder that I am alive.

It was chilly this afternoon, so I stayed only long enough to take this photo, but someone wiser had prepared for the weather and taken their dog on a walk.

Low lying clouds fill the sky. A thin strip of cornflower blue is visible on the horizon beneath them, over a seafoam green Lake Michigan. The sand itself is dotted with leaves. A handful of birds sit by the water's edge on the left, and a person walks their dog by some trees on the right. It is overcast yet beautiful.
Today’s view of Lake Michigan. PC: KSB

Though I didn’t notice at the time, a handful of birds were chilling at the water’s edge as well. They’re on the left in the photo. Most of their companions have likely headed south by now, as it was only four degrees Celsius today, but the bird buds look like they’re enjoying themselves.

I recently learned about the life cycle of an oak tree while at a woodsy farm. The November 6 post declares my gratitude for the nature I was surrounded by there, and you can read the Memoirs of the Trees series if you are also a fan of forests and trees and nature. But I digress. This is all to say, please appreciate the baby oak growing in the bottom right corner too!

All in all, I’m thankful to have access to bits of nature, and today I’m specifically thankful for the beautiful, grounding, endless Lake Michigan.