November 15: Rockaleta

When I arrived at my desk this morning, already tired and feeling off, a card and Rockaleta lollipop cheerfully greeted me. I proceeded to suck on the Mexican candy throughout the day, working through layers of chili and flavored sugar to the gum in the center.

While I couldn’t decipher most of the fruity flavors by taste — the ingredients are mostly sugar and then other forms of sugar — the chili packed between each flavor unified the hard candy.

Curious, I asked the friend who had given it to me. My friend didn’t know the fruit flavors either, so I did some quick internet research. The Rockaleta brand has its own website. If you keep clicking on the lollipop image at the top, you can chip off the layers to reveal what flavor is underneath!

I won’t ruin the surprise, though. Instead, you can take a moment to chip at the virtual lollipop and discover the flavors for yourself here.




Did you break away the virtual layers? Wasn’t that fun?

Photo by Luana Bento on Not a Rockaleta, but the outer color is similar.

Throughout the day as I called clients, collaborated with coworkers, spoke with employers, and entered case notes, I sucked on the chili flavored candy. It brought me goodness on an otherwise desolate day.

My friend’s aunt brought the candy from Mexico when she visited recently, but we are hoping to find more at the candy shop a block from our office.

What’s something good that you experienced today?