November 17: Finishing Finals

My final was due at 11:59, and I just submitted it. Now I have to tell my nerves to calm down because my perfectionism is acting up! But I am dead, so tired, and so glad to be done.

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I absolutely loved this class and the professor and am sorry that the lectures and class discussion will be over. I loved the dialogue with my colleagues each Wednesday, the jokes and stories shared on breaks, the company on the train home. I adore my cohort and am thankful we are so closely knit!

Coming in with knowledge on the topic enabled me to contribute, make connections more easily, and ask good questions – so many questions! The professor has also lived and researched where I want to live, so I plan to grab tea with her after Thanksgiving break.

She once noted in passing that so many people suggest to grab coffee and never make any plans, but I don’t want to be one of those people. I’d like to develop a relationship with her as I continue in grad school. Honestly, part of me wants to switch programs just to take classes with her. My classmates and I all agree that hers was the best class we have taken so far in the program (though I do hear good things about the one coming up in the winter quarter and am excited for what’s ahead!)

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My thankfulness is broad tonight. It covers my professor, the class, my cohort, and, paradoxically, that I am done with the class and the final!

My gratitude extends to those who have hugged or encouraged me in the past week or two, those who have prayed for me as I wrote the essays, those who helped job my brain when it was fuzzy and stagnant. It also extends to the fast food restaurants that have been feeding me (don’t tell my mom; I didn’t have time to cook nutritious meals!).

It will probably take a couple days for my insides to stop racing, as work is also fast-paced these days, but I am looking forward to the few moments of rest ahead.

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To all who are still studying and taking exams, you got this. Stay strong till the finish, and reward yourself afterwards. You’re a rockstar, and your work will pay off in the future!

Hugs and prayers.