November 9: My Giraffe Spoon (Makeup Post)

Once upon a time when I lived in Wheaton, I owned two wooden spoons like the one in this photo. When I moved to Denver, they came with me because they were my favorite.

I mean, firstly, they are SPOONS, a.k.a. the best utensil, and secondly, they’re wooden. That’s just a great material, you know? To top it off (literally), they had animals at the ends. One was a lion, and one was a giraffe, my favorite.

A hand holds a small wooden spoon designed with a giraffe on the handle. The backdrop is a flowery white wall.
My wooden giraffe spoon. PC: KSB

However, my housing was unstable during my time in Denver. The first housing situation, which was temporary to begin with, involved an abusive landlord. My roommate and I got out as soon as we possibly could.

I remember losing my tiny silver collector’s spoon from Wyoming in the move. When I left the house, I forgot a few things. My roommate left a day or two after me, so I asked them to go back and grab my herbs (can’t live without oregano!) and possibly a blue plate, but I didn’t realize I’d forgotten the spoon.

Neither of us were going back to that house after that, though. I couldn’t even look at it when I had to take the Downing bus past it for a good while and still am hesitant when in that neighborhood, even years later. It was a beautiful house, however, with a triangle top entryway and a nice view of the sunset fading over the skyline.

The Wyoming spoon was malleable, silver, and had a horse at the end. I bought it at a gas station on my road trip with my uncle, and it was adorable, though not useful for consuming foods. I realized that loss fairly quickly after moving, and I’m pretty sure I left my wooden spoons there during this exodus, too.

A wooden sign reads, "Welcome to colorful Colorado." It is set on the left in some grassy plains, with mountains in the distance and a sunny sky above.

Fast forward a few years to a couple Sundays ago, November 7 to be precise, when my friend invited me over to celebrate her birthday and show me her new apartment. I arrived with a blueberry muffin and some swirly candles, and she said she had a gift for me, too!

She recently traveled to Nairobi (insert emotions of longing here because I had planned to visit my friends there soon, but it doesn’t look like it will be happening when I had hoped) and she picked up some gifts at a tourist market in town.

This friend had been distributing the small gifts she met with friends who would appreciate them, so she ducked into the other room and returned with (dun dun dun dunnn) the wooden spoon pictured above! It is a newer, shinier version of my favorite wooden spoon from a few years back!

Silhouettes of concert goers with their hands in the air. The stage is purple and smoky.
This is you celebrating with me at a concert because we love the wooden spoon and so does the band. They’re called The Wooden Spoons, in fact. Very original. 😉 Photo by Wendy Wei on

I wanted to highlight this spoon for my gratitude post that Sunday but had another thanksgiving that took precedence, so I’m sharing it now as a makeup post, written a couple weeks later.

Isn’t it beautiful? I am so, so happy. It feels a bit like the lost sheep that wandered off has returned home (Matthew 18:10-14). Take that with a grain of salt and in the broadest sense possible, but truly, it is the little things, my friends. It’s the little things that are the most delightful.