November 11: Punk Music (Makeup Post)

I’ve been in an alt rock/ punk mood since July, and it shows. If you read my dream concert lineup in June, you might not have guessed that. Since then I started to prepare for Riotfest, and I haven’t left the punk vibe since.

A meme titled "Me after Halloween." The top pictures a Hershey's kiss and reads, "It started out with a kiss." The bottom features a white man in a t-shirt and sweats with candy wrappers around him and chocolate on the face. It finishes the Killers' line, "how did it end up like this?"
Internet meme

Two separate individuals who have met me since this I entered this season of punk have each told me I have an emo vibe, which I appreciated but didn’t quite understand. However, they each amended their statement to land on punk. Honestly, goals.

I could end the post here: I’m thankful for this affirmation! Thanks for reading this blog! I don’t know what you got out of this one!

But that would be a dire mistake, since you’d be missing out on some punk related news!

After reading this news, you’ll have a musical takeaway to inspire your weekend and can know in your heart of hearts that your time on my blog was well spent.

Okay, it might not be that dramatic, but it’ll still be good. Enough with the stalling now.

Mayday Parade released a new album titled ‘What It Means to Fall Apart’ TODAY (11/19. This post itself is a makeup one from the super hectic week.) You can stream it here or watch the music videos on YouTube.

They released a music videos this fall, including the single “Golden Days,” and they have remained remarkably within their genre!

It’s often lovely to see musicians grow and change, but this sometimes leads to bands losing what made them rock stars. (I’m looking at you, Skillet.)

The one critique I’ve heard of Mayday Parade is that they stopped including epic guitar solos, but “If My Ghosts Don’t Play, I Don’t Playaddresses that. (Go to 2:23 and then replay it a few times to get your fix.)

A white woman in her twenties rocking black combat boots, early 2000s pink and black striped knee socks and hand warmers, and a form fitting black dress. Her hair is in two purple buns. She's standing in a field smiling, with other festival goers in the distance.
My Riotfest 2021 outfit, leaning back into 2000s and living my dream as “Girl of the Year.” I saw Mayday Parade, and they were just as good live as on their albums! PC: Chelsea Bundy

I am glad Mayday Parade is still around and writing the soundtrack for my workdays, evenings, and weekends! It’s been fun to find friends who enjoy their work as well. Are you one of them?? If so, have a great weekend as you listen to ‘What It Means to Fall Apart.’

I’m about halfway through the new album at this point, currently listening to “One For The Rocks And One For The Scary,” which is super cute.

PS @ the band — I know you’re not paying me to write this post, but if you see this, I’d love to see you again in concert!