November 19: Work from Home

It is lunch on a Friday, almost the end of a hectic week. But today I am grateful to be able to work remotely on this velvety sapphire couch, alternative music playing sans headphones, barefoot.

Working in the office tends to be more productive for me, and I thrive on the the socialization. I am definitely thankful to have a cube with this job, to cultivate a little work home at the office with my plants and pillowed chairs for visitors. I appreciate having the space to organize my work materials without having to tear down the workspace each evening.

I am so thankful to work in immigrant and family services at a resettlement agency and to have a positive working environment where I am equipped for my job.

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But I try to take one day a week to work remotely. This helps me catch up on all the tasks that are easier to sideline when surrounded by people and pulled in numerous directions.

Working from home allows me to relax in that I don’t have to keep a certain face on all day. I can be tired yet get my work done without having to emote in the same ways. I do not have to be put together all day, for nobody is watching me.

It feels healthy to create space for this periodically, as a form of self-care that helps to prevent burnout. I rejoice in this.

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Happy Friday. May it be full of dancing and good music and fulfilling work, if you are on the clock as I am.