November 3: Hot Showers

Good morning, readers! Let me knock out my gratitude post before work today.

This morning, I am thankful for hot showers. When my depression was at its worst and the pandemic increased isolation, they were the closest thing I had to a hug.

I took hot showers multiple times a day to cope when I had no access to mental health supports, just to have some sense of connection to my physicality since I live in my head and have a hard time being grounded.

When I wash my hair, the feeling of water on my scalp helps me to feel mentally cleansed from certain anxieties as well.

Take care of yourselves today. You are beloved by God, worthy of living wholly, and have hope in your future. If you need help finding affordable therapists, specifically in Chicago, feel free to contact me through my blog as well. You matter. Your health matters.

Don’t give up today, dears. You’re brave and capable and can keep taking it one step at a time.

And on that note, I am off to make sure my own day starts off alright! Make it a great day, lovelies.