November 4: Thursdays

I am thankful for Thursdays.

This quarter my grad class has taken place on Wednesday evenings. The pressure of the work week typically leads up to that moment and then dissipates. Thus, after work on Thursdays, I feel as if I can take an evening to relax.

Most of my week is spent running from one thing to the next, but Thursday evenings this quarter have offered a chance to sit on my couch and do nothing.

I can take a mental break, recharge, take care of myself. Exist. Just be for a few hours.

Today my legs are twitching uncontrollably, which I understand to mean I am anxious. Being home gave me space to notice that.

Therapy is also scheduled on Thursdays. Especially if the week has been particularly heavy or stacked with triggers, but even when it’s « just » a regular (read: jam packed and adventurous) week in the life, I count down the days till I can meet virtually with my therapist.

She’s good at helping me listen to my body, how it feels, what it’s telling me.

I expect that the fourth Thursday of this month will be life giving and heart warming as I reunite with my relatives after two years apart. Usually it’s one year and my heart aches, but the pandemic extended that time, so I expect much love and comfort and cheer.

All in all, Thursdays are great, and I rejoice in them.

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